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Company Research Tutorial

Research Companies

Company Research Questions

  • Who is the company? What do they do? Compitors?
  • Is the company publicly-owened (stock trades) or privately-held?
  • How do I find company financials and stock market performance?
  • Where can I find stock reports, investment research, company news and articles?

Find Financials & Stock Market Data

Financial Statements & Stock Market Performance

  • Public companies issue annual and quarterly report cards containing income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements
  • The financials reveal the company'sr financial soundness and profitability.
  • The daily stock market reflects investors' collective opinion on publicly traded companies' current performance and future prospects.

Find News, Articles, and Reports

News Questions

  • Recent News / Trends / Updates
  • Outlook / Forecasts
  • New Products and Services
  • Technology & Innovation / E-Commerce
  • Major Companies / Market Share / Competitive Intelligence 
  • Economic Conditions / International Tade
  • ESG / Environment / Sustainability / Governance

Industry Research

Research Industries

What Is An Industry?

Think Companies, Businesses, Competitors

  • Industry definition, supply chain, main activities
  • Key statistics, revenue, profits, concentration
  • Products and services, segmentation
  • Industry performance, data, external drivers
  • Industry outlook, life cycle

  • Products & markets, demand, major markets
  • Competitive landscape, market share
  • Major companies, other companies
  • Operating conditions, capital intensity, technology
  • Key statistics& benchmarks, financial ratios

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