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Bloomberg Guide: E-mail & Communication

Learn how to use the Bloomberg Professional service

Main Menus & Security Specific Functions


E-mail & Communication

When first introduced to the Bloomberg system it is advisable to use the main menus. This helps the user get a feel for the broad scope of Bloomberg and to clearly see a list of the analytics (and associated function codes) that are available.

Once a Bloomberg user is more familiar with the various function codes they may simply type those codes directly onto the screen and access the function instantly (thus saving time and by-passing the broad menus.

TAP Tp switch on/off the scrolling message bar
GRAB To send a single Bloomberg screen-shot as a message attachment.
You can also click on the gray 'Actions' tab on any screen. File type is a .gif
MSGM   Message main menu
<Ins> Press 'insert froma blank message screen to switch modes
< U+25fe/td>
BMAIL Extensive menu of options for additional message system capabilities
PFM   Personal File Manager: Manages all archived messages, news stories & PC files that have been saved or uploaded
IB   Reak Time chat with 'Instant Bloomberg'
<Help> <Help> Open an instant chat window to communicate in real-time with Bloomberg's 24 hour Global help desk
HDSK Your outgoing Help Desk Messages
Benefit: archived forever so you can easily retrieve Q&A

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