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  • Select a Publicly-traded company whose stock trades on a U.S. exchange.
    Public companies are required to disclose information about their business and finances to the Securities and Exchange Commission  (SEC). They receive more attention in the business press. Thery are covered in stock reports and investment research.
  • Is this a company you might want to work for?
    If so, this project will help you learn more about a potential future workplace and its culture. You may even discover how to connect with some employees to pave the way for an internship or job.
  • Is this comapny in an industry that you care about?
    For example, if you are interested in a career in retail, researching a retail organization will give you some useful insights into that industry and its challenges and strengths.
  • How large is this company and what is its structure?
    For example, if your company is a conglomerate, it will comprise a number of different businesses (known as “subsidiaries” ), which will make discussing  the company comprehensively in a short overview difficult, and will also be a complicated job breaking out the data from its subsidiaries.

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