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Dr. Andy Naranjo

Dr, Any Naranjo Picture

Dr. Andy Naranjo
Emerson-Merrill Lynch Professor of Finance
Associate Director, CIBER
Warrington College of Business

“Having visited numerous top universities, I can tell you that the University of Florida’s online Business Library is a step ahead of the best of them. Peter McKay, our Business Librarian, has been instrumental in keeping us on the leading edge. As our distance undergraduate and graduate programs continue to grow, the online library resources will become even more critical and central to UF maintaining and growing its educational mission and standing.”

Name The Business Library

Global Icon  Name the Business Library

Name:  the Virtual Business Library at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business and the George A. Smathers Libraries - $3 million

The Virtual Business Library is an online academic research library on the Internet. It is designed as a Web Portal to Business Information for UF faculty, staff and students. More than 140,000 unique visitors access the Web site each year. The Business Library provides instant access to high quality business information — anytime, anywhere in the world.

The Libraries spend over $500,000 each year on subscriptions to more than 100 business, economics, accounting and tax research databases and online journals. The Library features subject guides, step-by-step tutorials, examples illustrating business research topics, and core collections of research journals and business books.

The Virtual Business Library offers an exciting gift endowment opportunity that will help UF compete with other highly-ranked business schools. In exchange for establishing a substantial endowment, the donor’s name will be prominently placed on the banner at the top of every page. The endowment will be used to build our online business resources and incorporate the best content and the latest emerging technologies into the Business Library Web site.

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