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New RefWorks Guide @ UF: Copying this Guide

Copying This Guide

We've had a number of questions from folks who would like to copy this guide.   As with the rest of the ProQuest guides, please do feel free to copy this guide!    If you are having problems finding this guide, steps and screenshots are below. 


  • We use CMS v.2, so if your site is still in v.1 you won't be able to copy it using the instructions below.  
  • With Springshare's moving guides to servers on other continents, there is an issue with not being able to copy guides if your own guides are not housed on the US cluster.   If your site is hosted outside the US cluster, our guides won't show up in your results list.  Springshare is looking at ways to allow cross-region sharing, but nothing is immanent, unfortunately. 

For institutions falling into either of these categories, you will need to copy and paste the content.

Steps to reuse this guide on your site

link to create new guide from homepage

CLICK your Home link in the orange menu bar.

SCROLL down the page looking in the middle column for your list of LibGuides Shortcuts.

CLICK  Create Guide.



copy content from an existing guide

Next, CLICK on the box to the right of Choose Layout or Reuse, the pulldown will be activated.  

SELECT the option to Copy content.

find the correct guide - New RefWorks by Jay Lesseig at ProQuest



CLICK: on the Radio Button Community Guides. 

TYPE:  New RefWorks.

SELECT: New RefWorks at ProQuest

update the name and description etc and save


EDIT the guide name to the one of your choosing, update the description and other material to match your LibGuides structure


Finally CLICK: Create Guide.