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Business Books : 2010: Business Books: Core Collections

A selection of some of the best business books published in 2010

Business Books

Business Books

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Business Books: Core Collections comprise more than eighty carefully selected individual core collections on subjects ranging from Accounting, Advertising, Business Biography, Business Classics, Business Ethics, Business History, Consulting, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Finance to Human Resources, Globalization, International Business, Investment, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Negotiation, Real Estate, Taxation, the US Economy, Venture Capital, the World Economy and more.

It is my hope that you will find these bibliographies useful as reading lists, selection aids, guides to the literature, collection evaluation tools – whatever your purpose. The goal is to provide enhanced core collections in a broad cross section of business subjects. The collections are ongoing and updated as new essential titles are published.

These core collections are being used across the U.S. and all over the world – in France and Germany, Austria, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and India. They are bookmarked and revisited by students, faculty, practitioners and others in universities, government agencies and public and private companies

Scope and Selection Guidelines

The collections are expansive lists (generous selections) encompassing a broadly conceived idea of business reading. The titles are drawn from a database of more than 10,000 business books that I have been carefully collecting for many years. They were originally developed as a basic business book collection for the American Center at the Linguistic University of  Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) as part of a United States Information Agency grant. Today, you’ll find a well-rounded and up-to-date list of readings on all the major aspects of business. The estimated cost is $400,000 ($50 x 8,000).

Books are selected to provide both the essentials and the breadth of each discipline and field of study. There are  introductory works, textbooks, and handbooks that survey the subject; works that provide the historical development of the subject and influential ideas; contemporary readings that explore different facets as well as  international perspectives and cross-cultural, ethical, legal, comparative and public policy aspects. The goal  is to offer a well-rounded selection of books that anyone — student, scholar, practitioner, librarian, any interested reader — can use to become well-informed about the subject and use to identify authors and sources for further reading. You will find the best business authors, but not necessarily the most popular or best selling at the moment. The authors share their expertise and represent a variety of viewpoints - many voices, many views. An attempt is made to include works that place the subject in its historical development to show how the field developed, what influences shaped the dominant paradigm as well as important alternative views, and include the history of ideas. Titles covering more than one subject appear in each relevant collection. The notes and bibliographies found in the books provide an additional avenue for further study. Each book entry contains full bibliographic information, ISBN and pricing information when available.  The call numbers and locations at the University of Florida are provided.

Peter Z. McKay
Business Librarian
University of Florida

The Big Short

Financial Crisis